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Continuous Memory Allocation Details

The Spectrum data acquisition card driver allows to allocate continuous memory at boot time to increase DMA transfer speed.

Supported Linux Distributions

Shows a regularly updated list of precompiled and tested kernel driver modules and customer installed systems that ar eknown to be running.

Driver Installation for old ISA and PCI cards

This article describes the driver installation for old (obsolete) ISA and PCI cards from Spectrum for Windows operating systems. The article covers all legacy PCI.xxx cards and all ISA cards PADxxxx and DAPxxx

Platform driver and series differences

This article explains the differences between driver types MICX and SPCM and what hardware series is covered by what driver.

Drivers for Windows 2000

Drivers for Windows 2000 based systems

Driver signature error on Windows 7 (error 52)

How to avoid driver signature error on Windows 7 systems

System shut-down is no longer working after Windows update

A Windows system with installed Spectrum cards is not shutting down properly -> how to repair this behaviour

How to compile the Linux Kernel Driver

Description of the compilation and installation of the Spectrum Linux Kernel Driver

Windows Server 2003 2008 2012 Support

Spectrum drivers for fast Digitizers and AWG's support all Windows Server operating systems

Data sorting with SSE commands

Showing how to sort multiplexed data from Digitizers using SSE2 SIMD commands

Programming 64 bit applications with Visual Studio

See how to develop a 64 bit application under Windows using the Visual Studio C++ examples provided by Spectrum


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