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Re-Arm Time

The re-arm time is the dead time between the end of one segment acquisition and the potential start of the next segment acquisition. During this dead time the data acquisition card is not able to detect a trigger and a potential event will get lost. A short dead time is a key feature for this mode. While competitor products have dead times that can be up to several us or even ms the Spectrum cards have a short dead time that is a fixed number of samples and therfore directly related to the sampling rate.

Multiple Recording

The Multiple Recording mode allows the recording of several trigger events with an extremely short re-arming time. The hardware doesn?t need to be restarted in between

Signal Processing: Block Average

The Block Average Module improves the fidelity of noisy repetitive signals. Multiple repetitive acquisitions with very small dead-time are accumulated and averaged. Random noise is reduced by the averaging process improving the visibility of the repetitive signal.

Ring Buffer Mode

The ring buffer mode is the standard mode of all digitizer/oscilloscope boards. Data is written in a ring memory on the board until a trigger event is detected. After the event the posttrigger values are recorded.

Signal Processing: Block Statistics (Peak Detect)

Block Statistics: Multiple repetitive acquisitions are analyzed and a summary with min, max, average is stored

Gated Sampling

Gated acquisition uses the state of a gating (enabling) signal, which can be either another channel or an external trigger input, to start and stop the sampling process. Data is only written to memory while the gate is active.

ABA Mode (Dual Time Base)

ABA mode is a dual time base acquisition combining a fast acquisition on trigger events (B time base) with a slow sampling rate (A time base) between triggers. The ABA mode works like a slow data logger combined with a fast digitizer. The exact position of the trigger events is marked with timestamps as in the Multiple Recording mode.

Repetition Rate

How does the dead time influences the repetition rate and how to calculate this

8 Bit Mode for Data Saving

Usage and advantages of the 8 bit data saving mode some of the fast digitizers have as a feature. Switching the resolution by software to 8 bit doubles memory space and reduces transfer bandwidth by half.


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