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Multi Channel AWG
D/A | Arbitrary Waveform Generators Overview
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D/A Products and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) replay a loaded waveform from their internal memory or by FIFO mode from the PC system. The digital signal is converted into an analog output signal with a defined offset and amplitude. Any waveform can be replayed be it a previously acquired waveform or a calculated or simulated waveform. Using internal synchronization the Spectrum Signal Generator Cards can run clock and trigger synchronous with multiple A/D cards from Spectrum.

D/A family
Sample rate
40 MS/s - 125 MS/s
16 Bit
D/A family
Sample rate
625 MS/s - 1.25 GS/s
16 Bit

D/A products sorted by sampling speed

The sampling speed is the main differentiation between the products. Sampling speed should be selected according to the expected signal frequency.

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Common Applications for Arbitrary Waveform generators

The Spectrum Waveform Generator is a high precision tool that can be used in a huge variety of applications. Some of them are:

Stimulus Response Systems
Acquisition and Replay
Research and Development
Noise Generation
Multi Channel Waveform Generators
Quantum Science

All Spectrum arbitrary waveform generators are available as multi channel waveform generators with up to 4 channels per card. The multi channel AWG's can be internally synchronized with the star-hub allowing to build systems with up to 64 synchronous channels.

Single stand-alone units of the generatorNETBOX series are available starting with two channels and range up to 24 channels in a single Ethernet/LXI device. These multi channel waveform generators are often used in physics experiments and are well suited for Quantum research.

Compact Knowledge Base

D/A, Arbitrary Waveform Generators Basics

The Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) is a powerful and flexible signal generator capable of outputting any wave shape within the bandwidth of the generator.

Every AWG provides the ability to use it as a simple function generator. This allows creation and output of sine, rectangular (square), triangle, saw tooth, and DC waveforms directly without any complex operations.

Details on the generation of Waveform can be found in separate articles:


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