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The IVI standard defines an open driver architecture with standardized API calls and shared software components for different common instrument classes. Together these provide critical elements needed for instrument interchangeability. Using the IVI drivers allows to interchange measurement devices of the same instrument class between different manufacturers.

More information from the IVI Foundation

IVI Driver Benefits

  • IVI's defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) standardize common measurement functions reducing the time needed to learn a new IVI instrument.
  • Instrument simulation allows developers to run code without an instrument. This feature reduces the need for sometimes scarce measurement hardware hardware resources and it can simplify testing of measurement applications.
  • IVI drivers feature enhanced ease of use in popular Application Development Environments. IVI's standard APIs, combined with IVI driver wrappers where appropriate, provide fast, intuitive access to driver functions.
  • IVI drivers provide for interchangeability. Interchangeability reduces the time and effort needed to integrate measurement devices into new or existing systems

Spectrum IVI Support

Spectrum IVI Driver support the most common interface IVI-C. Spectrum has 32 bit IVI drivers only. There are currently no 64 bit drivers available.

The Spectrum IVI drivers support the following current instruments:

  • M2p-x4 (PCIe) digitizer (IVI digitizer and IVI scope)
  • M2p-x4 (PCIe) AWG (IVI FGen)
  • M4i (PCIe) and M4x (PXIe) digitizers (IVI digitizer and IVI scope)
  • M4i (PCIe) and M4x (PXIe) AWG (IVI FGen)
  • M5i-x16 (PCIe) digitizer (IVI digitizer and IVI scope)
  • DN2 and DN6 digitizerNETBOX (IVI digitizer and IVI scope)
  • DN2 generatorNETBOX (IVI FGen)

Support for discontinued and EOL products:

  • M2i-exp (PCIe) and M2i (PCI) digitizer
  • M2i-exp (PCIe) and M2i (PCI) AWG (IVI FGen)
  • M3i-exp (PCIe) and M3i (PCI) digitizer (IVI digitizer and IVI scope)



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