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SBench 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run A/D and D/A cards together? What cards do run together?

In general SBench 6 supports all cards of one family (like M2i and M2i Express family) that run the same mode (acquisition or generation) and are connected with a star-hub or are single cards. SBench 6 can be started multiple times (multiple software instances) giving one complete SBench 6 window with all sub windows for one set of cards. This is for example necessary when using cards of different mode or family together in one system.

Supported by SB6 at the same time (in the same software window):

  • Single digitizerNETBOX
  • M2p A/D single card or multiple cards with star-hub
  • M2i A/D and digital input multiple cards with star-hub
  • M2i D/A single card or multiple cards with star-hub
  • M2i D/A and digital output multiple cards with star-hub
  • M3i A/D single card or multiple cards with star-hub
  • MI A/D single card or multiple cards with star-hub
  • MI A/D and digital input multiple cards with star-hub
  • MC A/D single card or multiple cards with star-hub
  • MC A/D and digital input multiple cards with star-hub
  • MX A/D single card or multiple cards
  • MX A/D and digital input multiple cards

Supported by SB6 by multiple SB6 instances (multiple software windows):

  • Several single cards with no star-hub either M2p or M2i or M3i or M4i or M4x or MI or MC or MX any direction
  • M2p A/D and M4i A/D and M2i A/D and M3i A/D and MC A/D and MX A/D each single card or multiple cards with star-hub, one window for each star-hub set
  • M2p/M2i/M3i/M4i/M4x/MC/MX/MI  A/D and D/A each single card or multiple cards with star-hub, one window for each star-hub set

Not supported at all:

  • Star-Hub when mixing A/D and D/A. Star-Hub only works for cards of same direction. So it is possible to have 2 x A/D with star-hub and 1 x D/A and run one SB6 with 2 x A/D and one SB6 with 1 x D/A

Special setup:

  • M2i A/D, M2i D/A and M2i Digital I/O with star-hub mounted on Digital I/O. It is then possible to start SB6 at one time with A/D and Digital I/O input direction and another time with D/A and Digital I/O output direction. But not at the same time.

Can I use parts of SBench 6 (like dialogs or display windows) in my own software

SBench 6 is a monolithic software and not a programming language. It has been optimized for the Spectrum hardware and has been programmed from scratch. To have best performance every part of the software is connected to other parts to route data fast and to offer a lot of functions. Therefore single parts of the software cannot be used separately.

I want to directly access the SBench 6 data files. How to do this?

The SBench 6 data file is our internal file format containing all detail about the acquisition and the different data streams. The data format is not open to public as it changes quite often and as it also contains license information. Please use the SBench 6 Professional version and export the data in a file format that your software supports. When using streaming mode there are also some open binary file formats that can be directly used by 3rd party software like pure binary or wave.

I want to transfer the software license to a different system. How to do this?

The SBench 6 license is permanently stored on the Spectrum measurement hardware which acts like a hardware dongle. If installing the SBench 6 software on a different system the Spectrum measurement hardware also needs to be moved there to have a license. If you have multiple cards in one system please note that the license is stored on the card containing the star-hub.

Is it possible to add more cards to my system?

Single cards need the SBench 6 Professional license. Multiple cards need the SBench 6 Professional license and the SBench 6 Multi license for the star-hub. All cards inside one system are covered by the SBench 6 Multi license. You can add as many cards to one system as you like. All cards are covered by one SBench 6 Multi license on the system.

Do SBench 6 Professional license and SBench 6 Multi license need to be installed on the same card?

Yes, SBench 6 Multi license needs to have a SBench 6 Professional license on the same card installed. It is not possible to separate the two licenses and install them on different cards.

Is it necessary to install the SBench 6 Professional and Multi license on the card containing the star-hub?

No this is not necessary. The both licenses can be installed on any card inside the system. But in case that this card is no longer present in the system, none of the remaining cards would run with SBench 6 Professional any more.

Does SBench 6 run on 64 bit operating systems?

In general Windows and Linux 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions are supported. Under Linux and Windows SBench 6 is available as native 32 bit and native 64 bit version. As SBench 6 may need a lot of memory for data storage using the 64 bit version is highly recommended

I am missing some functionality in SBench 6. Can you add it?

In general we're open for any suggestion. A lot of the features of the todays version has been added by customer request or by requests of our own in-house production test team. Please get in contact with us and explain your ideas. If it is easy to implement it is very likely that one of the next versions will contain the new function. We really appreciate your ideas to improve our software.

I like to have feature abc with the base license. Can you please change the license type of that feature?

The base license is just intended for first tests of the newly purchased hardware, for programming reference and for check in case of a suspected hardware failure. It is not intended to give a free software version for daily work. Please purchase a Professional license as this covers all features.



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