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60xx 14 Bit Waveform Gen. 125 MS/s
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General Purpose Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Unique: waveform output with FIFO mode

  • 1, 2, 4 or 8 synchronous channels on one card
  • Simultaneous waveform generation on all channels
  • Output ±3 V into 50 ohm
  • Programmable output offset and level per channel
  • Software selectable filters
  • Combinable with A/D and Digital I/O products
  • Output amplifer option with ±10 V available
  • Sequence mode

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The Spectrum DN2 LXI/Ethernet devices offer a small mobile solution that can be connected via Ethernet to any PC/Laptop or remotely through LAN.

The Spectrum PCI/PCI-X cards fit into legacy parallel PCI bus slots as found in older systems or industral PCIs. Multiple cards can be synchronized with the star-hub.


The Spectrum PCIe cards fit into standard PCI Express slots like found in nearly any PC. Multiple cards can be synchronized with the star-hub.

The Spectrum cPCI 6U cards fit in legacy 6U CompactPCI slots. Multiple cards can be synchronized with the star-hub.

The Spectrum PXI cards fit in dedicated PXI slots as well as PXI/PXIe hybrid slots. The PXI support different PXI features to allow synchronization of multiple cards.


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